The Sprout Summer Social

June 2010

The Sprout Fund hosted its annual Summer Social (a summertime open house) in conjunction with Penn Avenue Unblurred on Friday, June 4, 2010, in the EDGE studio parking lot next to the Sprout office.  Being it was a Pittsburgh Summer Social, it was a rainy summer social.  The Summer Social featured tabling by supported Sprout projects, a showcase of designs under consideration to become Public Art murals, music, and light refreshments.  The QT Pi(e) Project was one of the highlighted projects.  Click on the flier to learn more about our sponsor, the Sprout Fund.

Joey Kennedy was the photographer for the evening.  He quickly became a friend of The QT Pi(e) Project.  After seeing his Summer Social photos, we want him at all our events!  Click on his collage below to see more of our favorites from Joey’s summer social favorites.

Click on the Pie Girls picture below to see our photos from the event.


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