From the Pie Luck Participants

June 2010

We equipped our Pie Luck participants with disposable cameras and tasked them with documentation.  We wanted to see the sources of their local foods in photos and maps.  Take a peek…

Pie Luck: The Event

June 2010

On Sunday, June 6th, 2010, the QT Pi(e) girls hosted a “Pie Luck Picnic.”  What’s a Pie Luck?  A Pie Luck was our version of a Pot Luck.  We provided pizza-pie dough and piecrusts made from local ingredients.  Our creative attendees came bearing ingredients to add to both, which we then baked, ate and enjoyed in an ambient, backyard setting.  It was a chance to wine, dine and mingle with a new mix of people, but that’s not all!

Now for the Pie Luck photos…