Hothouse: The Concept & Preparations

August 2010

The Concept…

Part of the impetus behind The QT Pi(e) Project was my desire to have a bakery at a 314 address called “QT Pie’s.”  The hothouse booth will become just that!  It will be a diner façade with side counters for the county regulars to sit and chat with their QT Pie hostesses who will be dressed in proper diner waitress ensembles.  There will be a menu to describe the project and the offerings of the night.  Of course there will be the a la mode option of ice cream made from all local, natural ingredients as well.

Making it happen…

The QT Pi(e) Project is very fortunate indeed to have its own, personal, tremendously talented carpenter!  In exchange for love and pies, Kristian Kaseman often lends a very talented hand.  This time around, Kristian made our QT Pie dream concept a reality.  In an effort to stay out of his way, there aren’t many photos of the making of the booth, but we have some of the finishing touches to show.

A few things changed since the initial scheme.  In the interest of fully using the potential of our space, we opted to use an entire table instead of attaching little countertops to the sides of the booth.  Rather than a brick facade, we went with a bright blue!  The people at the paint store thought we were crazy, but the color reminded us of old French bakeries. With so much work, we opted not to have a pie throwing element.  We’d rather eat our QT Pies then waste them on antics.  The last thing we needed was a menu board.

The next morning after all the glue had set…

Take a look at the event photos to see Kristian’s carpentry work really shine.  Should you be looking for a great carpenter, drop us a line, and we’ll put you in touch!

From Brainstorms to Production: Our First Work Night

February 2010

We brainstormed and brainstormed, poring over design annuals, flipping through magazines and staring at computer screens for inspiration.  Finally, we made a decision to use a recipe box as our main packaging for the QT Pi(e) and its accompanying information.  On a cold and snowy night in February, we gathered for our first production night and ended with a pie finale.

Time for a sweet reward!

There was still so much more to do, but this was a very good start!