Philly Fresh

August 2011
Fairmount Neighborhood Farmers Market
Philadelphia, PA

In between wandering the streets of beautiful brownstones in the Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia, I stumbled upon a farmers market which led to a really relaxing afternoon of reading and snacking on mango donut peaches and blackberries.

To be clear, the following note says “chemical free.”  These carrots were gigantic!

and these carrots were quite, quite colorful!

Market Merit Badge

August 2011
Farmers at the Firehouse
Strip District, Pittsburgh, PA

Is there a merit badge for sourcing your fruits and veggies locally?

There should be if there isn’t!

Spearmint & French Sorrel
Cherry Tomatoes
Thyme & Parsley

Green & Purple Basil
Beets & A Yellow Onion
Chives & Italian Red Peppers

The New Kid on the Block

August 2011
Lawrenceville, PGH, PA

There’s a new kid on the block- the Lawrenceville Farmers Market.  This new kid is on the smaller side, but his personality is big!

There’s a booming voice that makes the Saturday morning feel like a trip to the auction house.  There’s a girl by the name of Meadow who has a vision and a love of dirt.

There’s plenty of pretty produce to take home!

Pi(e) Day Eve: Trip to the Market

Pittsburgh Public Market & Wholey’s Market
March 13, 2011

Farm fresh, free-range eggs, Amish butter and chicken (not pictured bc how good would raw chicken look in this spread?!?) from Wholey’s Market

Sweet potatoes, goat milk chevre, maple syrup, kombucha, onions, turnips and fresh greens from Pittsburgh Public Market, specifically from Clarion River Organics

Meat sticks!  Toulouse and Hungarian Paprika (smoked and ready to eat) from the Pittsburgh Public Market, specifically from the Crested Duck Charcuterie

Some of those ingredients became QT Pi(e)s!  Can you guess which ones?   I had a different pie plan in mind, but inspiration hit me on the spot.