PIEces of the PI(E)

A lot of our friends and family wanted a QT Pi(e).  A lot of our friends and family really deserved a QT Pi(e) for their help and support!  We were happy to share, but we had one stipulation:  we had to see Pi!  Here they are in all their 3.14… glory!

One thought on “PIEces of the PI(E)

  1. QT Pi(e),

    I love it! I am involved in a new community-based volunteer project called Verdure Magazine. Trevor Furrer passed on your blog to me, and it looks like you folks are having a great time doing a great thing and that’s just the sort of topic we like to talk about in our magazine. Would you be up to an interview? Check out our website to get an idea of who we are or track down a copy of the first issue. We’re really proud of it and really excited to spread the word about other local action-based initiatives in Pittsburgh and western PA. Hope to talk to you soon! ~Jennifer

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